Members of the public are very welcome to attend all meetings of the Billington and Langho Parish Council. 

The meetings usually take place at the Billington and Langho Community Centre on the last Monday of each month starting at 7pm (please check the Minutes of the last meeting to confirm the date and times, as Bank Holidays, etc, sometimes cause theses to be adjusted). There is an opportunity for public participation at the start of every meeting, so if you have something which concerns you, or you are just interested in seeing what happens, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.

As of Tuesday 25 May, physical meetings of the Parish Council resumed. Please notify the Clerk in advance if you wish to attend as additional Covid-19 security measures must still be made.


40 Burnley Road, Haggate, Burnley. BB10 2JJ

Email: –

You are duly summoned to attend the next meeting of Billington and Langho Parish Council to be held at 7.00pm on Monday 31st January 2022  



ITEM 1      Apologies for Absence – To receive apologies and to approve reasons for absence.

ITEM 2       Declarations of interest,

  1. Register of interest
  2. To declare any personal or prejudicial interests on items on the agenda.

    ITEM 3       to approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Council held November 2021.

    ITEM 4        Matters Arising.  Old Langho Church. Community hall boiler. Green fence for United Utilities,

    ITEM 5      Public Participation –

    ITEM 6       Playgrounds – Friends of Langho Park, Lengthsman’s report,

    ITEM 7       Accounts – to approve the bank reconciliation, cash flow and items for payment.

    ITEM 8      Planning – To consider the received planning applications.

    ITEM 9     Highways,  Elker and enforcement of parking issues.

    ITEM 10      Officers Reports,

    ITEM 11    Correspondence for information only – all has been forwarded via email,

    ITEM 12  Queens Platinum. Memorial Tree.

    ITEM 13 Code of Conduct policy with RVBC

    ITEM 13 Dates of the next meetings –

    February 28th 2022 at 7pm

    March 28th 2022 at 7pm

    April 25th 2022 at 7pm

    May 23rd 2022 at 7pm AGM

Rachel Greenwood, 40 Burnley Road, Haggate, Burnley. BB10 2JJ  Tel 01282 425 305