The Billington and Langho War Memorial is situated at the junction of Elker Lane and Whalley Road in Billington. The Parish Council has applied for grants to refurbish the Memorial in 2019.

The War Memorial lists the names of members of the Parish who lost their lives in both World Wars.

Billington & Langho War Memorial details

 About the memorial:

Set roadside, the monument consists of a free-standing stone cross set within a paved area with seating to the rear which is split by a central memorial stone bearing a copper(?) plaque bearing the names of the fallen.




In grateful remembrance of the men of this township who fell in the Great War.

(There follows the list of names)


(There follows the list of names)


1914-1918 E Ashton, J Banks, R Barnes, J J Bashall, H Boothman, W H Brooks, J Charnley, W Charnley, J Clayton, A Coates, R Duckett, J W Duxbury, J Eastham, J Fenton, A Garrett, W Goring, J Gorton, F Greenwood, R Greenwood, H Grimshaw, C Harris, A Hart, J Haworth, F Haydock, J Hayhurst, J Hickey, S R Houghton, W Knowles, W P Lamb, A Legg, J Manley, H Marsden, M Mulgrave, W Parker, W Peters, J Riley, J Robinson, R Robinson, E Robson,  E Rutter, J Rutter, H Shaw, R Smith, R Sykes, E Timmos, R Walmesley, F West, H R Wilkinson.

1939-1945 E A Barnes, G N Barnes, W A Bolton, R W Bowes, C H Gow, L M Gow, W T Harris, A Haydock, G Howard, G Hurst, A Mashiter, J Mulgrave, G Saddington, N Simpson, F Yardon.

Photographs taken within the Parish by Brian Haworth:

Billington bank of the Calder with Whalley viaduct. B. Haworth

Beech trees – Moor Lane . B. Haworth.

2013 Langho Station – Alight here for Jessica Lofthouse Country. B Haworth.